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  • Smart



    How ICT


    Can Change


    Previously, we mostly discussed Cisco Technologies, the CCNA curriculum in particular. I think this is ...
  • GNS3 Lab: Multicast

    Boot Strap Router
    BSR uses a similar concept with Auto RP with some minor differences. We have learned that Auto RP uses Dense mode for candidate RPs to announce themselves to the mapping agents and the mapping agents use dense mode as well to announce RP mappings ...
  • IPv6 Adoption and the

    Challenges of Migration
    IPv4 has been around for a long time and will probably still be around for the next couple of years. Before we discuss the adoption rate of IPv6, we need to first consider some of the challenges involved in migrating from IPv4 to IPv6. ...
  • Then and Now: Skills and

    Requirements of a Project Manager

    in 2009 vs. 2014
    Project Management Institute [PMI], in fact, notes that in 2009 there were around 400,000 people who had earned its immensely popular Project Management Professional [PMP] certification worldwide. Fast forward to 2014, and that number jumped to 620,000—and the year’s not even over yet.

Featured Papers, Tutorials, and Articles:

Nov 26 2014

BGP series, part 8: Regular Expressions

NOTE: Click here to download GNS3 files for this lab. One of the things that I hated most (amongst other things) about … Read More

Nov 25 2014

MCSE Prep: Overview of T-SQL Windowing Functions Part 1

Introduction Windowing functions are functions in SQL that are applied over a set of rows. These functions are typically used for analytical … Read More

Nov 24 2014

Internet of Things (IoT)—How an ICT Engineer Can Change the Community

In my last article, we discussed the role of ICT engineer in changing the traditional building of engineering services. We also learned … Read More

Nov 21 2014

VMware/VCP5 prep series: Creating and Administering vCenter Server Alarms

In this article we will learn how to create and manage alarms in VMware vCenter server. We will cover the following topics: … Read More

Nov 20 2014

Using Expect Scripting Language to Automate Cisco Configuration Tasks, part 2

Welcome to the concluding article in this two-part series on using Expect (an extension to the Tcl language) to automate Cisco configuration … Read More

Nov 19 2014

Using Expect Scripting Language to Automate Cisco Configuration Tasks, part 1

Recently, I was faced with a situation in which I had to add the same configuration on numerous (read 150) devices. Of … Read More

Nov 18 2014

Windows Server 2012 R2 Dynamic Access Control (DAC) Part 3

The first article in this series (link here) introduced the DAC functionality in Windows Server 2012. The second article of the series … Read More

Nov 17 2014

GNS3 Lab: Basic MSDP

NOTE: Click here to download GNS3 files for this lab. Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) is used to exchange multicast source information … Read More

Nov 14 2014

Video Review: Cisco CCNA Data Center DCICN 640-911 LiveLessons

This is the LiveLessons video covering the topics for the first exam needed for the CCNA Data Center certification. The other exam … Read More


Book Review: MPLS and VPN Architectures (Volume II)

Today I am going to review one of my favorite books “MPLS and VPN Architectures Vol. II” written by Ivan Pepeljnack, Jim … Read More

Nov 13 2014

Amazon Web Services – S3 Versioning

This article will discuss the S3 versioning feature, which is a data protection feature in Amazon S3. These topics will be covered: … Read More


Amazon Web Services – S3 Lifecycle Management and Logging

This article will discuss two S3 bucket features. These topics will be covered in this article: * Objects lifecycle concepts * Logging … Read More

Nov 12 2014

Amazon Web Services – Understanding Glacier

This article will discuss AWS Glacier service from Amazon. AWS Glacier is a storage service intended for data that is not accessed … Read More


Amazon Web Services – Understanding CloudWatch

This article will discuss Amazon CloudWatch. Amazon CloudWatch is monitoring the AWS resources and the applications running in AWS. CloudWatch is tracking … Read More

Nov 11 2014

Amazon Web Services – Understanding Auto Scaling – Part II

This article is the second part of the series discussing Auto Scaling service in AWS. In this article we will discuss the … Read More


Amazon Web Services – Understanding Auto Scaling – Part I

This article is the first part of a series discussing Auto Scaling service in AWS. Auto Scaling is an AWS service that … Read More

Nov 10 2014

A First Look at GNS3 1.1

A rather long period is over: the developing of GNS3 reached the state of the public release of version 1.0, and very … Read More


BGP series, part 7: Confederations

In the last article, we discussed and configured one of the technologies that can be used to reduce the requirement of fully … Read More

Nov 07 2014

Amazon Web Services – Understanding Route 53 – Part I

This article is the first in a series covering AWS Route 53 service. Route 53 is a DNS web service, and like … Read More

Nov 06 2014

Book Review: Internet Routing Architectures, Second Edition

Internet Routing Architectures, Second Edition does not really require any introduction. It is a smash hit and one of the best-selling books … Read More

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    AWESOME! My instructors wide range of experience (PMP, MSCE, Security+, CISSP, etc.) really adds to the class. She had a wonderful sense of humor and related to the audience well. Wonderful resource.Bob Hillhouse, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Instructor did an excellent job. She used great analogies to make the information memorable. She also focused in on items that we should pay attention to. Loved the class!Jill Vaughan, DHS CM
    The instructor was the best teacher I have ever had at any level. I learned more in the last 7 days than I did studying on my own for the past 6 months. The material was presented in a way that was easy for everyone to understand. He by far had the most knowledge of anyone I have ever met in the subject and I hope to learn more from him in the future.Stephen Muma
    Instructor was superb in teaching this class. He used a variety of teaching styles to accommodate multiple students. He took the time to know each of us and apply his knowledge to each student specifically. Brandy Weber