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Our Preparing, Installing, Configuring and Administering a SharePoint Farm 2013 Farm eBook contains everything you need to know about setting up a SharePoint Farm. For easy reference, the book has been broken up into the follow sections:

1. Preparing for a SharePoint farm – Here we will look at what you should and shouldn’t be thinking about for your farm. We will prepare for a production environment and a test environment using a scenario-based company that we will call Federal Bureau of Employment (FBE), and finally a scenario for a personal user who just wants a SharePoint farm to practice with, thereby giving you the feel of both worlds. The word “prepare” in this case also means knowing the kind of personnel that you would require for the successful setup of the farm.

2. Installing a SharePoint farm – In this section, we will look at the setup files required for a successful installation of a SharePoint farm, including prerequisites, add-ins, the actual SharePoint setup file and its dependencies, and any additional 3rd party setup files (if any), and from there we will actually commence the installation process.

3. Configuring a SharePoint farm – In this section, we will begin the nitty-gritty of looking around within the farm for components that are already running and those that will need our help to get what we want out of it, which is why it is called “configure.” We will need to set it up in such a way that it will do what it is supposed to be doing either directly or as a dependency.

4. Administering a SharePoint farm – In this section, we will go through what an administrator will be managing in a farm, such as security, look and feel, backup, and what other support end users will require for a productive daily office life.