Dr. Olufemi Oyenuga, is an expert Information Management Business Intelligence specialist responsible for delivering value-add BI Analytics solutions that power a $5b turnover YOY (year on year), and still growing. As a Prince 2 Certified BI/EA Program Director (12yrs) with Strategic, Operational, Management competencies with proven benchmarks, milestone in public, private and Blue Chip sectors notably: Healthcare, Telecom, ICT and Industrial Manufacturing sphere plus working knowledge of financial services. He is a certified intelligence Analytical Modeler, with proficiencies in Forensic Data Intelligence Technical skills, data lakes and Shared Services.With advent of strong ecommerce and need to improve customer experience, he is currently leading a work stream on customer experience analytics to help improve customer satisfaction, business net promoter score which ultimately drive bottom line revenue, brand equity and ROI.

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1. You joined MTN Nigeria in 2006 where you serve as Senior Manager Specialist, Business Intelligence Information Management, right after NELMHT-NHS Trust in London. What was the rationale for making the decision to join MTN in Nigeria, as against a more comfortable life in the UK?

It was driven from a position or perspective of exploration rather than lifestyle. I was single and at that time have lived in Europe for 10years. When I got a wind to help run the operations of a DWH (Data WareHouse) in Nigeria and for Telco, I evaluated that opportunity and took it.

2. While in school, you studied medical-related topics such as dental surgery and you had your Masters in Bio-Engineering, but you ended up working in the IT space. Was this intentional or did you start out with a medical-related career as the goal — only to catch the IT bug?

I actually wanted to mature my career toward plastic surgery in the US. With life, it is always a story that ends well when you put your trust in God and work hard. I dare say I am not a regular IT professional howbeit I combine a requisite knowledge base of human science and mathematical derivatives hence my planning was always to have a branded story line. I enjoyed being referenced to as a Dr. and Engineer, it is actually a complimentary career set skill that is rare and most certainly unique.

3. What does your role as Enterprise Information Senior Manager entail?

Challenging and demanding. It encompasses strategic and operational management of the largest BI DWH (Business Intelligence Data WareHouse) in Africa and an ecosystem of operational data storage. The entire space allocation and used storage in my space is with 5PB. The need to be operationally on point is a given, and excellence has no finishing line. Every day in the role, I paint a canvass of the intelligence or informatics required to take or make management decision across all tier of the Group or organization with zero tolerance to failure and upbeat on quality of my job.

4. Your company made the “BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2015”. What is the secret of this success from your perspective as the man in charge of Africa’s largest data warehouse, bearing in mind that you are the only company who made that list from Africa?

Understanding our customers, listening to them and applying best practice within our organizational processes. We learn, we fail, we react, we plan, and we succeed and repeat all winning formula, of course powered by Analytics.

5. What is the best part of your job and what causes you the most frustration?

I solve a business problem with insight and add value that unlocks business potential. This I get to do every day. Never a dull moment in the BI (Business Intelligence) space. Either, we are dealing with revenue at risk, analysis, or customer information optimization. It is always rewarding to take the back seat. My frustration is when the team do not work like an A TEAM. Not connecting to the vision or signature moment can be frustrating.

6. When it comes to meeting the challenges of your part of the IT world, what hard and soft skills are required?

I am not a natural African as you may have noticed during the cause of discussion. I am also part European because of my dual nationality hence I apply some hybrid skills in living in the part of the world. I guess am growing strong in the application of adaptive leadership and SOFT POWER. I believe in influencing positively but then again I can call tough decision when required.

7. There are lots of IT Telecom services companies out there in Nigeria. What is it about MTN Nigeria that makes it a better choice than its rivals?

I believe the agile nature of our operations, MTNGroup guidance and strategic rationalization of enterprise program to maximize revenue. We have also created a strong brand over the past 14 years, so I believe it’s payback time to be honest.

8. What sort of advice would you give a college or university student interested in getting into the IT field after graduating?

Be positive, passionate, and open-minded and be ready for challenges but build up skills in disruptive innovation to create a statement in an ever changing IT field.

9. In your spare time, what sorts of hobbies or special interests do you enjoy?

I enjoy traveling for conferences, was recently in Croatia Dubrovnik delivering a paper, cycling, reading and meeting people for tea. I also speak Spanish and play the violin and piano but most relaxing and encapsulating interest is when I pray and listen to good Christian worship music.