Software development has boomed in the last several years. It’s not only a career with numerous career opportunities, but it also offers several areas of expertise for an applicant to choose from. Software developers can be web programmers, designers, database specialists, or back-end business coders. Applicants also have plenty of options for platform and language. As more companies need software solutions, these positions continue to grow across the globe.

What Does a Software Developer Do?

Software developers work closely with designers to create internal and external applications. Some developers create SaaS applications used by thousands of other customers. Other developers create the internal proprietary applications that run business processes. Internal applications are the CRMs, customer service apps, and shipping and documentation services that are specific to the corporation. Software development also covers web applications and mobile apps. A software developer can choose any one of these paths and have a successful career.

Software Developer Job Responsibilities and Duties

Software developers have a number of responsibilities. These responsibilities depend on the company and the level of developer. Junior developers usually have minor responsibilities with less critical applications. Senior developers are responsible for all parts of critical and non-critical systems including design, implementation and support. Lead developers often meet with project managers and determine time estimates and design requirements for future software additions.

Some common responsibilities include:

  • Identify requirements and determine time estimates and effort
  • Work with project managers to provide customer expectations
  • Analyze current software technology and suggest changes
  • Participate in the development life cycle including creation, coding and support
  • Define programming policies and standards
  • Understand department needs and help flesh out ideas for improvements
  • Train other developers in best practices for software development and design
  • Debug and support current and future applications

Software developers come from numerous backgrounds, so you don’t even need must experience to work as a junior in the field. However, some other IT professionals decide to leave the infrastructure or networking areas and move towards an application development career. It helps to have an idea of how IT and technology works, so former IT professionals have an advantage over newer applicants. Software developers can gain experience from other positions related to design and development.