This is Video #6 of our CUCM video series, which is designed to help viewers understand how to configure the features and functionalities of Cisco Unified Communications Manager, or CUCM. The tutorials will be fast paced and it is recommended to repeat the videos several times along with actual practice of the concepts described. This series will be helpful for aspiring CCNA/CCNP Collaboration candidates to prepare for their certification.

In this video, we will discuss and configure customized Phone Button and Softkey Templates.

CCNA Training – Resources (Intense)

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  • Standard Phone Button and Softkey templates exist in the CUCM for all Cisco Phone models.
  • The preconfigured standard templates cannot be deleted.
  • Create new templates to add/remove lines, speed dials and softkeys for features. (e.g. Meet Me, Mobility)
  • General Steps to create templates:
  1. Go to Device -> Device Settings
  2. Select ‘Phone Button Template’ or ‘Softkey Template’
  3. Select a standard template and copy the template.
  • Edit the template.