This is Video #9 of our MPLS Traffic Engineering series, which is designed to help viewers gain basic understanding of MPLS Traffic Engineering and how to configure TE tunnels in Cisco routers.

In this video, we will do a lab that demonstrates how to configure Auto Bandwidth feature in the MPLS TE tunnels.



  • Auto adjustment of the MPLS TE tunnel bandwidth.
  • Useful for TE deployments where the tunnel bandwidth can’t be accurately determined. (e.g. green field deployments)
  • Can also be used when there are variable bandwidth requirements.
  • Tunnel mpls traffic-eng bandwidth command can coexist with tunnel mpls traffic-eng auto-bw command.
  • Tunnel mpls traffic-eng bandwidth value will be the initial bandwidth value of the tunnel but will be readjusted by auto-bw.
  • Whichever is lesser between the configure bandwidth verses the auto-bw min-bw will be the actual minimum bandwidth.
  • The “frequency” argument under the tunnel mpls traffic-eng auto-bw configuration is the time when auto-bw is applied to the tunnel.
  • The “mpls traffic-eng auto-bw timers frequency” command is the interval the router is getting traffic samples for auto-bw calculation.


Router(config)# mpls traffic-eng auto-bw timers frequency 
Router(config)# interface tunnel 1
Router(config-if)# tunnel mpls traffic-eng auto-bw max-bw  min-bw