This is Video #8 of our MPLS Traffic Engineering series, which is designed to help viewers gain basic understanding of MPLS Traffic Engineering and how to configure TE tunnels in Cisco routers.

In this video, we will do a lab that demonstrates what is Forwarding Adjacency and how to configure it.




  • Route traffic to the MPLS TE tunnel similar to autoroute announce.
  • TE tunnel is advertised in the IGP as a link.
  • Influences routing selection of all IGP neighbors unlike autoroute announce which only affects the head-end of the TE tunnel.
  • Requires two MPLS TE tunnels between two PEs to be created in both directions.
  • IGP metric can be applied to the tunnel interface.
  • Use carefully as it may cause unwanted or suboptimal routing situations.


interface Tunnel100
 tunnel mpls traffic-eng forwarding-adjacency {holdtime value}