Network specialists are a company’s experts in all things computers, Internet, and networking. They know how to work with desktops, use cabling and wireless technologies, and implement security across the entire corporate environment. They are one of the first people called when there is a network outage, and they help train and support users. Network specialists have opportunities in small and large companies, so applicants won’t find a shortage in jobs. The position also pays well even if you’re new to the field.

Job Description: What Does a Network Specialist Do?

Network specialists are hired to ensure that all systems across the corporate environment are able to communicate. Whether it’s a printer, a desktop, a router, or a server, network specialists connect these systems seamlessly. Companies rely on network systems for employees to perform daily tasks and work together for better performance. They make it so that companies no longer need file cabinets of paper, and they can integrate the internal network with the Internet. Network specialists are also responsible for adding network components as the company grows.

Network Specialist Job Responsibilities and Duties

These job opportunities have plenty of day to day tasks for the right applicant. Even junior applicants have several tasks to help maintain and add on to the network. The size of the network determines the type of hardware and software used. Most applicants either work with desktop support, server support, or the hardware used to connect network components together.

Job responsibilities and duties include:

  • Install new network components including software and hardware
  • Troubleshoot problems with network connectivity for various hardware and software
  • Install telephony equipment and VoIP systems
  • Crimp and install hardwire connections
  • Add wireless access points throughout the environment for mobility
  • Administrate new and current user account settings and authorization
  • Manage daily and weekly backups of desktop and server software and data

Network specialist applicants are fortunate that they have plenty of jobs to choose from. Even if the job opportunity doesn’t have the exact title of network specialist, applicants can still find positions that are very similar. Even an applicant is junior level, they can also apply to these similar jobs to gain experience that will help them get a network specialist position in the future. Most similar jobs involve some type of network interaction, configuration and support.