This is Video #11 of our CUCM series, which is designed to help viewers understand how to configure the features and functionalities of Cisco Unified Communications Manager, or CUCM. The tutorials will be fast paced and it is recommended to repeat the videos several times along with actual practice of the concepts described. This series will be helpful for aspiring CCNA/CCNP Collaboration candidates to prepare for their certification.

In this video, we will discuss how to add users through Bulk Administration Tool (BAT).



  • Bulk Administration Tool is useful when it comes to adding number of users that can’t be managed through CLI configuration.
  • Steps to Configure Users through Bulk Administration Tool
  1. Login to CUCM and under Bulk Administration click on ‘Upload/Download Files’.
  2. Select ‘bat.xlt’ file and click on ‘Download’.
  3. Open CSV file and go to ‘Users’ tab.
  4. Fill out the information in the columns especially those marked ‘MANDATORY’. Click ‘Export to BAT format’ once done, and save the file to a directory on your local machine.
  5. Go back to CUCM and under Bulk Administration -> Upload/Download Files -> Click on ‘Add New’ to upload the new BAT file saved on your local machine. Select Users and Insert Users on the drop down boxes.
  6. Go back to Bulk Administration -> Users-> User Template. Fill out the form and then saved once all mandatory items have been filled up.
  7. Under Bulk Administration -> Users -> Insert Users and choose the BAT file and the template.
  8. Check Job Scheduler to verify if there are any errors.
  9. Go to User Management -> End User and the users added in BAT should be there.