This is Video #13 of our MPLS Traffic Engineering series, which is designed to help viewers gain basic understanding of MPLS Traffic Engineering and how to configure TE tunnels in Cisco routers.

In this video, we will do a lab that demonstrates how to configure Pre-standard DS-TE Tunnels.



  • Pre-standard is Cisco implementation prior to being made standard by IETF.
  • Default mode on Cisco routers.
  • Regular TE tunnel bandwidth is called the global pool, sub-pool is a part of the global pool.
  • DS-TE allows constraint-based routing of guaranteed traffic through sub-pool.
  • Sub-pool is a reserved bandwidth allocation within the global pool.
  • Sub-pool bandwidth must be less than or equal to the global pool.
  • Uses RDM (Russian Doll Model).
  • Global-pool and sub-pool information propagated through link-state IGP (OSPF/IS-IS)


interface FastEthernet0/0
 ip rsvp bandwidth interface-kbps single-flow-kbps [sub-pool kbps]
interface Tunnel100
 tunnel mpls traffic-eng bandwidth sub-pool  (subpool configuration)
 tunnel mpls traffic-eng bandwidth  (global  pool configuration)